About Blingy Lab

Blingy Lab is A Community – Focused Web3 Project Incubator with An Innovative Web3-native Business Consulting Services.

It runs by ambitious entrepreneurs with expertise crossing all facets of web3, dApp design, community, process, and fundraising.

We bring the leading edge of technology and talent to your projects.


Blingy Lab exists to change the world with our authentic creativity and innovative Web3 technology.


We aim to become the most trustworthy web3 community, breaking through barriers of entry to bring talented entrepreneurs into the world of web3.

What we do


Take this opportunity to build your entrepreneurial dream with us!

We incubate the web3 project in-house and support global individuals passionate about creating their own business endeavors.

Blingy Lab provides vibrant vibes for aspiring entrepreneurs and new idea incubation with our time, lower cost, and error-reducing DAO tooling.

blingy lab blingylab


We help founders and small businesses launch ambitious and disrupting web3 projects!

We design, build and promote great web3 products. We grow your userbase and engage your web3 community Globally.

Our global talents secure your project with expertise crossing all facets of web3, dApp design, community, and process; we bring the leading edge of technology and talent to your projects.


We are a community-focused Web3 project Incubator with an innovative web3-native business consulting service!

Community is the key to Web3 projects; we invite like-minded entrepreneurs to join the Blingy Lab community and make the next Impact for the new Internet era together!

The great ideas can come from anywhere, anyone, no matter whether you have great web3 ideas or you have solid web3 skillsets, join us today for your next shining career journey!

Tell Us Your Story

Hello, I am Rafiq. I have been working in Social Media Marketing & NFT/Crypto Marketing for several years. I’m Passionate and Experienced in NFT and the Crypto industry, and I have
completed over 20 successful projects. I’ve focused on how to help my clients to achieve quality
traffic using Social media pages. I can attract qualified leads, generate engagement and increase the growth rate with time.

What I can help you with today.

NFT& Crypto Marketing – Creation of activity & event about the project on crypto groups and giving scientific and professional advice.

Social media Operation – Building community and Social management, attracting qualified leads, generating engagement, and increasing the growth rate with time.

Showcase Attached:


I’m Ora, founder of LOTIC, a brand creativity & consulting company. I have rich experience and practical inspiration in strategy and content planning. My love of art and attention to fashion
makes me in line with the international leading-edge aesthetics in concept & visual presentation. Web3 is the wave of the next era, full of unknown challenges, and infinite possibilities. I am curious, so I devote myself to it.

What I can help you with today.

Web3 Project Strategy – Provide the professional community growth strategy and execution

Web3 Project Design Guidance – Provide Dapp, NTF design guidance, and advice.

Hello, I am Joy Yuan, a female entrepreneur who founded Blingy Tech and Blingy Lab; over the course of my professional career, I have more than 17 years of proven experience launching successful award-winning campaigns and managing global partnerships for businesses. I deeply believe that Web3 will meaningfully change the future of the internet, and I want to empower Web2 users to enter the web3 ecosystem easily.

What I can help you with today?

Web3 Project Mentorship – Business Plan Development, Business Strategy, Customer Insights, Marketing Campaign, Market Growth, Content Strategy, Fundraising, Go-to-Market Plan.

Web3 Business Expansion – Facilitate your web 3 business in the new markets from team building and go-to-market to business growth, providing the one-stop solution for you!