We Are A Community-Focused Web3 Project Incubator!
Blingy Lab is a modern incubator for ambitious entrepreneurs. We help talented entrepreneurs reach their goal of financial freedom in the competitive Web3 field with services including idea enhancement, business plan development, strategic investor pitching, funding, and Go-to-Market Strategy.
Why Blingy Lab?

Blingy Lab runs by a group of aspiring entrepreneurs; we know exactly how hard it is to be accepted into an incubator or accelerator, we know exactly how hard to get your first funding, and we know how hard it is to let the world know your idea is brilliant.

That’s why we created Blingy Lab, A community-based web3 project incubator; we incubate the web3 project in-house and support global individuals passionate about creating their own business endeavors.

The Pain Point From An Entrepreneur, let’s listen to his story…
“Applying to Incubators is rigorous.”

I’m Zack, 30 years old, a full-stack engineer; I have been following the development of blockchain technology and I am cryptocurrency trader. In 2021, I independently developed an automated cryptocurrency trading platform called C.X. Six months later, the product’s DEMO was launched. But I immediately realized that that applying for and being selected for incubators/accelerators and obtaining VC is very difficult. Moreover, these competitive cycles required a sound business plan; and data reports that include various financial forecasts of the project. As a purely technical person, I have limited business knowledge, and my project suffered by being stagnant for another 6 months.

Fast forward to early 2022, when C.X entered the Blingy Lab incubator, where I got one-stop support in bringing my idea to reality. Additionally, C.X has also been officially released on Blingy Lab’s platform. The support from Blingy Lab has helped me improve project concepts, design business plans, be introduced to investors, build financial models, and optimize dAPP design.

I truly appreciate and feel aligned with the concept of the Blingy Lab incubator, which helps people with ideals to realize their dreams. As a beneficiary, I have actively joined the advisory team of Blingy Lab, hoping to help more individual entrepreneurs like me achieve the “impossible” in Blingy Lab.

Meet Our Excellent Advisor Board to Build up Your Stunning Entrepreneurial Journey Together!

Joy Yuan

Founder & CEO of Blingy Tech & Blingy Lab

Joy Yuan is a Founder & CEO at Blingy Tech and Blingy Lab Now. She is a seasoned business consultant with 15+ years of professional experience in internet and entertainment, consumer products, and omnichannel distribution and sales. As a business consultant, she helps global entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses and empowers international companies to expand and secure growth capital. Furthermore, she enables investors to choose target companies and projects. In 2022, successfully, she founded the Blingy Lab, an innovative web3 incubator and business services firm where she is helping aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, and business owners succeed by embracing marketing from inception.
Kenny Su
Co-Founder Of Blingy Tech & Blingy Lab
Kenny is a senior financial and risk professional with extensive experience in Banking and Financial Services. His international career has focused upon regulatory, finance system architecture, best-practice finance functions and strategy delivery to meet internal and external demands, whilst building relationships with 3rd parties and regulators.
Milad Yalda
Co-Founder Of Blingy Tech & Blingy Lab
Milad is serials entrepreneurs and the same time he is a computer engineer who has successfully launched 4 mobile applications with thousands of downloads. Working with international companies and entrepreneurs has equipped him with imperative skills such as collaborating with people from various backgrounds.
Wesley Scholl

Advisor Of Blingy Lab

Wesley is a tech entrepreneur who founded konjo tech and co-founded common investing consulting firms. after serving 8 years in the united states marine corps as a data network technician, i founded a crypto & blockchain consulting company. certified in blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrency, nft’s, cryptocurrency auditing, and nft development. i run a small crypto mining farm, mining both ethereum and bitcoin. i have also attended various crypto conferences, such as: tabconf 2021 (bitcoin – atlanta), crypto week 2021 (puerto rico), and eth denver 2022 (ethereum), bitcoin 2022 (miami), and permissionless 2022 (palm beach).
Mohamed Karim
Advisor of Blingy Lab
Mohamed is a data scientist with a background of engineering in AI and data analysis, and he is an serials entrepreneur with a startup mindset. Expertise in Artificial Intelligence, data, and creating added value projects. He has founded many startup projects with success. He enjoy working with ambitious people, to build great projects.
How Does Blingy Lab Work?
In today’s web3 world, a good idea isn’t always enough; Blingy Lab has the tools and the experience to take your ideas to the next level building up a successful entrepreneurial journey. Blingy Lab will help you turn your innovative ideas into unheard-of web3 products, your unique ideas into life-changing products, and most importantly, your ideas into reality!

Our Methodology – 3 Processes!


Blingy Lab introduces new methods and processes to help you enhance your idea and business logic, focusing on discovering and implementing modern-day web3 tech trends


Taking the unique ideas and turning them into tangible products and features to solve user pain points, enhanced for the Web3 generation.


Development and strategic implementation of ideas/products into the market, ensuring successful launch and funding.
Ideas in Incubation

Reauty DAO

Real Beauty Community in Web3!

Our Mission is to stand against the misleading beauty culture, unhealthy practices, and harmful ingredients to reimagine the beauty industry with a decentralized Web3 community.


Community-focused fitness Dapp in Web3!

B.M.C. aims to promote quality exercise for the health community using an immersive, AI-enhanced gamified platform for those who want to start or continue an active lifestyle.


Your pocket crypto-trader robot connects web2 to Web3!

Through trading strategies and influencer trading cases, remove the barriers for normal investors to enter into the web3!

Join Our Community

Is this You?

We are looking for talented individuals and ambitious  entrepreneurs who are eager to bring their innovative ideas to the Web3 world. Blingy Lab is building a supportive ecosystem for all talented individuals to showcase their passion by facilitating technological transformation and digital advancements. Blingy Lab invites all aspiring individuals to join us in revolutionizing the Web3 industry.

Take this golden opportunity to create stunning technical impacts on our society and the world, while also achieving financial freedom.

Tell Us Your Story: Your Ideas, progress, team, and vision; after receiving your story, we will contact you in 3 business days.

Tell Us Your Story

Hello, I am Rafiq. I have been working in Social Media Marketing & NFT/Crypto Marketing for several years. I’m Passionate and Experienced in NFT and the Crypto industry, and I have
completed over 20 successful projects. I’ve focused on how to help my clients to achieve quality
traffic using Social media pages. I can attract qualified leads, generate engagement and increase the growth rate with time.

What I can help you with today.

NFT& Crypto Marketing – Creation of activity & event about the project on crypto groups and giving scientific and professional advice.

Social media Operation – Building community and Social management, attracting qualified leads, generating engagement, and increasing the growth rate with time.

Showcase Attached:

I’m Ora, founder of LOTIC, a brand creativity & consulting company. I have rich experience and practical inspiration in strategy and content planning. My love of art and attention to fashion
makes me in line with the international leading-edge aesthetics in concept & visual presentation. Web3 is the wave of the next era, full of unknown challenges, and infinite possibilities. I am curious, so I devote myself to it.

What I can help you with today.

Web3 Project Strategy – Provide the professional community growth strategy and execution

Web3 Project Design Guidance – Provide Dapp, NTF design guidance, and advice.

Hello, I am Joy Yuan, a female entrepreneur who founded Blingy Tech and Blingy Lab; over the course of my professional career, I have more than 17 years of proven experience launching successful award-winning campaigns and managing global partnerships for businesses. I deeply believe that Web3 will meaningfully change the future of the internet, and I want to empower Web2 users to enter the web3 ecosystem easily.

What I can help you with today?

Web3 Project Mentorship – Business Plan Development, Business Strategy, Customer Insights, Marketing Campaign, Market Growth, Content Strategy, Fundraising, Go-to-Market Plan.

Web3 Business Expansion – Facilitate your web 3 business in the new markets from team building and go-to-market to business growth, providing the one-stop solution for you!